Festival Indonesia 2019 is aimed at strengthening the cultural communication between Indonesian and Korean.
This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!


Ambassador Message

Message from the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia

Salam, I am pleased to announce that the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will
host the first ever Festival Indonesia in Seoul, at Cheonggye Plaza, from 20 to 22 September 2019.

This event is very timely as this year, we are commemorating the 35th anniversary between Seoul and
Jakarta as well as the 46th Bilateral Relation between Republic of Indonesia and Republic of Korea.
Festival Indonesia will showcase Indonesia’s progress as well as its diversity under three big themes:

Creative and Cultural Indonesia

SMEs product exhibition, cultural performances and workshops that will engage audience to have first-hand experience of Indonesia’s culture

Invest Indonesia

business forum that will highlight Indonesia’s potentials as a promising investment destination especially in the area of infrastructure, halal industry, and digital economy.

Delish Indonesia

cooking festival that will show talents and creativity of Indonesians living in Seoul in preparing Indonesia’s delicacies

I hope the Festival will bring more understanding about Indonesia and its culture and promote people – to people contact, especially between Indonesians and Koreans.
In this regard, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to the Seoul Metropolitan Government who has worked together with us to make this event possible.
I would also like to thank the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta Province,
Surabaya City Government, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, A3bout Coffee,
and all the artists and performers who participate in the Festival Indonesia.

Last but not least, I personally invite you to attend Festival Indonesia and celebrate the joy with us. This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!
Terima kasih

- Umar Hadi -